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Class & Student Resources

Resources on this page help you develop skills and apply concepts that are used throughout the BYU ME program.

BYU ME Design Materials

BYU ME Problem Solving Model

Guidance on Each Step of the DSEC Method





Developing Engineering Problems (The 5 Ps) Problem Solving (SAFER) Method Explore Engineering Models with the ConVerSAnT Method Communicating Engineering Solutions (Clear, Concise, Convincing)

BYU ME Writing Materials

  • The IMRaD genre. This one-page document introduces the IMRaD genre that is the standard for technical reports in the BYU ME Department.

Guidance on Elements of an IMRaD Paper





How to write an introduction.

How to write a literature review.

How to write an objective statement.

How to write a technical theory section.

How to write a methods section.

How to write a results and discussion of results section.

How to make a table.

How to make a figure.

How to write a results and discussion of results section.

How to write a summary and conclusions section.

Resources for ME Teaching Assistants

See TA Helps & Resources and the TA Training Page for support in your role as a Teaching Assistant.

The Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) Exam

We recommend students take the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE), during their senior year or shortly after finishing their B.S. Passing this exam can enhance your resume and is an important step to licensure as a Professional Engineer, which can be important depending on your planned career trajectory.

General BYU Resources

  • The BYU Writing Center (JKB 4026 and HBLL 3322) has consultants and tutors to help you develop your writing skills on specific assignments for class.