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TA Helps & Resources

Resources which may be helpful to you as a TA or Grader are listed here for easy reference.  Please send suggestions for additional useful content to .

Spaces for TA Sessions

You may be able to use the following to hold your TA hours:

  • CB 110 (Open computer lab):  Most of the time.
  • CB 123 (Materials Lab):  work with instructions of ME250 to know when the space is available for TAs from other classes.
  • CB 153 (Dynamics Lab):  Primarily used by ME 330 & ME 335 TAs.  Others can work with instructors for those classes to determine free time (if any).
  • CB 115:  The common area is available for TA hours for individual questions/small groups.
  • Other research labs:  ask the faculty member overseeing the lab to determine available times (if any).

Rooms for Recitation Sessions

Recitation rooms can be any classroom, but must be scheduled through Campus Scheduling by the ME front office secretaries (including the Secretary to the Chair or the ME Department Secretary).

Door Codes, Keys, and Swipe Card Access

  1. Get the appropriate permission slip at the ME Department Office (EB 350).
  2. Get approval from your supervising faculty member. 
  3. Bring the signed slip back to EB 350 to receive door codes and keys.  For Swipe Card Access you will get the ME Department Secretary signature, then take it to 270 CB to process access.

Learning Suite

If needed, the course instructor will give you TA/Grader access to Learning Suite.  While in Learning Suite, click on the small blue question mark for help, or call 801-422-8180 between 8:00-5:00 M-F. 

Shop Hours and Equipment

Counseling & Psychological Services

As you work with students as a Teaching Assistant, you may see signs of depression, anxiety, or other emotional or mental health concerns. For non-crisis situations, encourage students to explore the supports and services available at BYU Counseling and Psychological Services. If you believe the student is in crisis, refer to this Guide for Faculty and Staff for appropriate referral and emergency numbers. 

Disability Services for BYU Students

BYU provides accommodations and support to students with qualifying disabilities through the University Accessibility Center. Temporary medical conditions such as broken limbs, surgery, flu, and pregnancy are not usually considered disabilities. Students with temporary medical conditions should work directly with their professors instead of going through the UAC. However, these students may visit with a UAC advisor to brainstorm options for dealing with their situation.