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Student Travel Policies

“Students who study music need to give concerts, students who study dance need to perform, and students who study engineering need to engineer things and compete to see how they work. Experiential education is a key aspect of every program."
Dr. Perry Carter, Emeritus Professor of Manufacturing Engineering, BYU

BYU is a major supporter of all experiential learning opportunities offered on campus. Here within the Mechanical Engineering Department, our sentiments are the same. We are excited to offer you an opportunity to compete, travel, or present your efforts within your career here as a ME student.

Before you go, we would like to make you aware of certain travel policies, as well as the steps required by both the department and the University, so that your trip may go as smoothly as possible.

Please make sure to review the policies thoroughly before you go.

Travel Steps and Policies
While Traveling

Please make sure to begin your travel preparations at least ONE MONTH in advance.



Every trip paid with university funds must have a preapproval form submitted and approved through ChromeRiver. This is the basic requirement for all bookings and reimbursements.

There are two versions of this form.

1) If you are travelling without a professor, each attendee in your group will need to complete the student travel form.

2) If you are travelling with a professor, they will need to complete the attached form, and include your name and netID as an attendee.

These forms should be submitted at least ONE MONTH before you leave for your trip. This gives sufficient time for the approval and booking processes. You are also more likely to have lower prices for hotels and flights.


Risk & Release Forms

Every student traveling must complete a general risk release form to be attached to your pre-approval. This form states that you are aware of any risks involved in your activity, and that you are responsible for yourself in the case of any risks.

If you are taking your own car, you must complete the personal driving agreement. Please know that driving your own car is strongly discouraged by the University, and any damages affecting your vehicle during the trip are your own responsibility.


Booking Flights & Hotels

All flights and hotels MUST be booked through Y-travel.
Without Y-travel's approval, you will not be able to be reimbursed or have the flight or hotel paid by university funds.

You also may be ineligible to travel in the future.

Students are generally responsible for contacting Y-travel themselves, as there will be many questions about timing and seating that you will have opinions on.

You can contact Y-travel at or 801-422-3872.

This form will let you know what questions they may ask you.

Meal Receipts

Students generally do not qualify for “per diem” meal reimbursements. Please make sure to keep all meal receipts to be submitted upon return from your travels.

Housing Policies

Travelers must sleep in their own beds, and opposite genders may not share the same room.
*Spouses are an exception, but are generally not encouraged to attend with a competition team.
**Family traveling to watch your competition or presentation are responsible for paying for their own flights, housing and meals.

Receiving A Reimbursement

You may only receive a reimbursement for your travel if you meet these three guidelines:
1) Your name has been properly submitted on a preapproval
2) Your faculty advisor has approved your reimbursement costs
3) You have submitted your reimbursement request within 30 days of returning from your trip.

How to request a reimbursement

Reimbursements must be submitted to the front office secretaries ( within 30 days of returning from your travel. You may turn in receipts either digitally or in person. In either case, you will need to complete the Reimbursement Request form, and submit it alongside your receipts. This form requires the following items:

  • Current address
  • Travel Pre-approval number
  • Account codes to be charged
  • You approving professor's signature

Usually, reimbursements will be direct deposited into your connected banking account within two weeks.

Acceptable Reimbursement Costs

  • Meals for yourself (limited to about $60 a day)
  • Mileage to the airport  
    • Exceptions for if you chose to drive to the event but only equaling the cost of a flight. Make sure to complete proper forms.
  • In emergency situations, you are permitted to make a purchase for your research project, but will be subject to revision by the department. 
  • Hotel costs, as long as they have been properly approved by Y-Travel.