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Internships and Jobs

Your undergraduate program will be greatly enhanced if you have an outside internship or work experience. See how an internship fits into your chosen career path here. Internships and jobs generally make you more competitive for graduate school admission and in the job market.

  • BYU Handshake: Create a student account at BYU Handshake to connect with job/internship recruiters.
  • BYU STEM Fairs: Held in fall and winter semesters, get full information through BYU Handshake.
  • The Weidman Center: Check for international internships at this center for global leadership.
  • BYU ME Bulletins: Scan your email for the BYU Mecheng Bulletin which is sent at least weekly. If you are a BYU ME major or pre-major, you should automatically be on the mailing list. If you are not receiving it, email to be added to the list.

Open Positions:

  • PREDOC x Opportunity Insights Summer Course in Big Data
    This course will have two tracks, one for students who are considering a transition to the social sciences and want to learn more about a variety of fields in Economics, and one for students who are ready to engage in more advanced analysis and want to produce a capstone project. This tuition-free course begins July 5 and will run to August 12. Participants will receive a $2,000 stipend and STATA license as part of the courseInterested students should apply here by May 20. The course will give students an opportunity to:

    · Develop their ability to pose and answer meaningful questions in the social sciences using a rigorous research methodology

    · Gain experience with large, real-world data sets

    · Prepare, present, and get feedback on a research project from discipline experts

    · Sharpen their professional and communication skills through a series of weekly workshops

    · Network with fellow students interested in a similar career

    · Further understand the pathway to a career in research

    PRE Workshop
    The PRE Workshop will take place June 12 and 13, 2022 with all sessions occurring remotely. PREDOC hosts this annual conference for prospective pre-docs to learn more about and prepare for pre-doctoral opportunities. Current pre-docs, researchers, and students host panels that focus on applying for pre-doc roles, preparing to succeed as a pre-doc, and best practices in research. The conference is also an opportunity for students to participate in a coding exercise, where participants will work through a data task that resembles what one might see when applying to pre-docs. PREDOC is able to supply six-month STATA licenses to workshop participants who need them. Interested students can apply here. All applications are due by May 29, 2022 at 11:59 p.m. Additional questions can be sent to

  • Job details

    Title – Mechanical Engineering Intern

    Job Type – Part-time – Approx. 15 hours/week initially, expected to increase after

    Pay – $20/hour minimum depending on skill level and experience

    Work Location – Fully remote

    Term – Summer 2022, 2 months minimum

    Full Job Description

    WePower Technologies is a start-up company with a mission to deploy harvesting solutions which utilize normally wasted energy to power autonomous sensors, transmitters, IOT devices, and actuators without the need for batteries. Our technology seeks to eliminate the hazardous waste created by billions of batteries each year and pave the way for other green technologies.

    We are looking for a creative and innovative mechanical engineer with direct experience in compliant mechanisms for a special summer work project (2022) to support our evaluation of the feasibility and commercial viability of compliant mechanisms in our product designs. As a team participant, you will collaborate on ideas and designs with a multidisciplinary team and identify a targeted design activity relating to compliant mechanisms for the summer project session. The right candidate will be given a challenging project and be expected to work independently, but with the full support and aid of our experienced team supporting them.Summary


    May include, but are not limited to, the following:

    The primary role of the mechanical engineering intern will be to:

    • Design, evaluate, and analyze compliant mechanism
    • Preparing proof of concept compliant mechanism prototypes 
    • Review and understand design brief 
    • Research necessary information to understand technologies and techniques in use and required
    • Design products under the supervision of development team

      • Create 3D models
      • Create 2D mechanical drawings
    • Contribute ideas and feedback during discussions and meetings
    • Work independently without supervision while producing tangible results
    • Create appropriate documentation as required


    • Must have completed the third year of college in an accredited engineering program.

      • Master’s program candidate preferred
    • Strong understanding of Mechanical Engineering fundamentals
    • Accomplished in compliant mechanism coursework
    • Understanding of the following concepts:

      • Basic Electromagnetism 
      • Actuation, trigger, and release mechanisms
    • Good organizational skills
    • Proficiency with CAD systems (Solidworks preferred)
    • Good command of the English language


    This job is performed completely remote from the candidates own personal workspace. The candidate will require a computer capable of running resource intensive CAD software, and a webcam and microphone for communicating with the rest of the team. WePower Technologies will provide the CAD software and any other licenses as required. The candidate’s workspace must me clean and conducive for focusing and working without distraction.


    Potential travel to meet with colleagues if geographically convenient and practical.

    Email with resume if interested.