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Internships and Jobs

Your undergraduate program will be greatly enhanced if you have an outside internship or work experience. See how an internship fits into your chosen career path here. Internships and jobs generally make you more competitive for graduate school admission and in the job market.

  • BYU Handshake: Create a student account at BYU Handshake to connect with job/internship recruiters.
  • BYU STEM Fairs: Held in fall and winter semesters, get full information through BYU Handshake.
  • The Weidman Center: Check for international internships at this center for global leadership.
  • BYU ME Bulletins: Scan your email for the BYU Mecheng Bulletin which is sent at least weekly. If you are a BYU ME major or pre-major, you should automatically be on the mailing list. If you are not receiving it, email to be added to the list.

Open Positions:

  • Position: Amare Global Quality Inspector

    Hours/Pay: ~8hrs/Week, $600/Month


    Amare Global is looking for a quality inspector to verify product quality before it gets released to customers. As a quality inspector you will receive 80-200 samples of a product, visually inspect them, weight sort them, and use statistics to determine the overall product quality. This will ensure that the products meet quality specifications prior to release. For this position we are looking for someone who is extremely dependable with a strong work ethic. The hours are very flexible. The inspections can be done any time during the day or night as long as it is completed within 1-2 days of arrival. This would be a really good position for someone who is starting out and needs some experience to be able to get an internship.


    · Has own vehicle to pick up samples

    · Strong Independent work ethic

    · Reliable

    · Able to start immediately

    · Gives attention to detail

    · Good attitude

    · Statistical Experience

    · Has 3-4 hr time windows during the week for inspections

    · (Optional) Python is a big bonus

    Contact Information:

    For those interested please send me your resume and we will schedule an Interview

    Andrew Trainor -

  • Position details:

    Air Combat Analyst (Civilian) – Engineering and Scientist Development Program

    Air Combat Effectiveness Branch (NAWCAD 1.1.2)

    Naval Air Warfare Center – Aircraft Division

    Target Audience: Individuals graduating in/before Spring ’23 (Full-time openings only at this time)

    Location: Patuxent River, MD

    The work we do:

     Assess the performance of existing and conceptual missiles, aircraft, and sensor suites

     Analyze via modeling and simulation the overall combat capabilities of sub-systems (e.g. radar, IRSTs) and systems-of-systems (e.g. many aircraft employing coordinated tactics) in achieving military objectives

     Maintain air-to-air combat expertise via interaction with fleet and fleet exercises

     Interact closely with fighter pilots (TOPGUN) to determine current and future needs

     Analyze data, identify driving factors, and present findings to senior leadership

    We are seeking U.S. citizens who:

     Are security clearance eligible (required)

     Work well in a lively and collaborative environment

     Are interested in working with an evolving set of problems that are conducive to both broad scope analysis and deeper specialization as desired

     Desire to build and modify the tools needed to solve new problems rather than repeatedly applying existing toolsets

     Have a strong interest in tactics and/or fighter aircraft

    Subject areas we are interested in:

     RF Engineering

    - Sensor evaluation and implementation, signal processing, circuit design

    - Sensor fusion and track filtering

    - RF signature

     IR Engineering

    - Mid-wave/long-wave signature and detection

    - Atmospheric modeling and analysis

     Aerospace Engineering

    - Aircraft performance, dynamics

    - Guidance and control development and analysis

     Software/Tool Development

    - Languages of Interest: Python, C++, FORTRAN, Matlab

    - Data visualization/plotting

     Statistics and Design of Experiments

    - Analyzing simulation-generated data to determine trends

    Points of Contact:

    Matt Glass

    Josh Darrow