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Thinking about studying Mechanical Engineering?

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I was a new freshman sitting on my bed in Heritage Halls. I needed to decide what to study, and I had no idea how to make a decision that big. I wrote down all sorts of questions I had about life and the world hoping that I could find a major that would help me answer these questions. I also began writing down majors that seemed interesting to me. Hopefully I would be able to find something that would allow me to make a positive impact on the world.

Many of the engineering students have felt the same way. They wanted to find a career that

would allow them to have the skills to bless the lives of others and make a difference in the world.

We asked students in the mechanical engineering program about why they chose this path.

Here’s what they said...

“I like math, and I like physics. I wanted to find a way to combine the two and actually apply them. I also like working with physical objects, and there are so many things you can do with mechanical engineering”

“I’ve always loved problem solving and working with my hands. I’ve wanted to do engineering since I was young. I also love learning about different cultures and how people live differently and what influences that. I loved serving and wanted to do something with humanitarian relief.

Mechanical engineering was very versatile and allowed me to help others.”

“Growing up I had a bike and a dirt bike. I loved taking them apart and seeing how they worked.

I took a lot of engineering classes in high school and I loved it.”

“I did not figure out what I wanted to study earlier in life. I took a lot of random classes and finally narrowed it down to STEM. I chose mechanical engineering because I felt like it would give me the skills that would help me make an impact. It has helped me to approach education and learning with the end in mind.”

“I chose mechanical engineering because it was more of a challenge than my previous major.

Mechanical engineering has awesome professors and great classes.”

“I chose mechanical engineering because it allowed me to use a lot of skills like painting and dancing. There are so many skills you can use in engineering.”

While each student we interviewed had a different reason they chose engineering, there were many common threads in each response. Studying mechanical engineering has given many students a place to use the interests and talents they have to help others and make an impact on the world.

Why do you choose mechanical engineering?