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TA Job Responsibilities

TA Job Responsibilities

The following list is intended to give an idea of typical TA responsibilities.  You should work with your supervising professor to adapt this list to fit specific class needs and circumstances.

TA Responsibilities

  1. Represent the professor.
  2. Complete the required TA Training.
  3. Pass relevant feedback from students to the professor.
  4. Help students understand the concepts needed to complete their assignments.
  5. Grade assignments accurately and return timely.  Coordinate with Graders (if applicable).
  6. Collaborate and coordinate with other TAs for the same class.  Attend all scheduled TA meetings.
  7. Maintain regular TA hours -- be on time and stay until all student questions are answered.  If student needs are met, spend your paid time on TA related duties, such as reviewing course content, preparing study sessions, etc.
  8. Publicize and lead recitation sessions and test reviews. 
  9. Ask your supervising professor for suggestions on how you can improve as a TA.
  10. Assist the supervising professor in the management of Learning Suite, which may include:
    • Posting course information, quizzes and assignments, grading rubrics, lecture notes and slides, etc.
    • Entering student grades.
    • Communicating with students through Learning Suite.

If your TA assignment includes running or assisting in labs:

  • Get lab-specific and machine-specific training.  Do not operate machines without proper permission and training.
  • If you are unsure of a procedure, ask for direction from the lab supervisor or professor.
  • Enforce all safety precautions with students, including safety glasses at all times, long hair tied back, long sleeves rolled up, and no loose clothing or jewelry.

Head TA Responsibilities

If there are multiple TAs for one class, the professor may designate a Head Teaching Assistant.  Besides regular TA responsibilities, the Head TA is usually assigned to:

  • Oversee and plan weekly TA/Grader meetings.
  • Organize and coordinate all TA/Grader hours and work schedules.
  • Train and mentor TAs and Graders.
  • Assist TAs/Graders in problem solving difficulties they encounter in performing their duties.

An excellent Head TA gives top priority to the needs of his TAs and Graders before his/her own needs.