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Scheduled Defenses and Graduates

2021-2022 DEFENSES

Currently, there are no defenses scheduled

2020-2021 GRADUATES

Avila, Samuel (MS)

"Effects of Static and Dynamic Thermal Gradients in Gas Chromatography"

Baker, Nicholas (MS)

"Instructional Case Studies in the Field of Windfarm Optimization"

Baird, Sterling (MS)

"Five Degree-of-freedom Property Interpolation of Arbitrary Grain Boundaries via Vorono1 Fundamental Zone Octonion Framework"

Bame, Aaron (MS)

"Optimization of Solar-Coal Hybridization for Low Solar Augmentation"

Brown, Taylor (MS)

"In Vivo Silicon Lance Array Transfection of Plant Cells"

Crook, Nolan (MS)

"Control of Post-Weld Fracture Toughness in Friction Stir Processed X-80 HSLA Steel"

Davis, Taylor (MS)

"Feasibility and Impact of Liquid/Liquid-encased Dopants as Method of Composition Control in Laser Powder Bed Fusion"

Despain, Dillon (MS)

"Design Validation of a Multi-Stage Gradually Deploying Stent"

Lawless, Zachary (MS)

"Modeling Current and Future Windblown Utah Dust Events Using CMAQ 5.3.1"

Morco, Stephanie (PhD)

"Characterizing Bacterial Resistance and Microstructure-Related Properties of Carbon-Infiltrated Carbon Nanotube Surface Coatings with Applications in Medical Devices"

Mortensen, Bennett (MS)

"Effects of Whole Body Vibration on Inhibitory Control Processes"

Newell, Alexander (MS)

"Effect of Ported Shroud Casing Treatment Modifications on Operational Range and Limits in a Centrifugal Compressor"

Ottosson, Hans (PhD)

"Considering Social Impact when Engineering for Global Development"

Sadler, Jonathan (MS)

"Frameworks for Part Generation in Multiple CAD Systems and for CAD Simulation with Multiple Users"

Thomas, Jacob (MS)

"Photoacoustic CO2 Detection in Biomass Cookstove Applications"

Tsai, Joshua (MS)

"Micromechanisms of Near-Yield Deformation in BCC Tantalum"

Voss, Sterling (MS)

"Effects of Carbon-Infiltrated Carbon Nanotube Growth on the Biocompatibility of 316L Stainless Steel"

Wallace, Nicholas

"Active Thermography for Additive Manufacturing Processes"

Wright, Arnold (MS)

"Effective Temperature Control for Industrial Friction Stir Technologies"