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Graduate Program

Graduate Seminar - March 29, 2021

David Pixton

David Pixton is a subject liaison at the Harold B Lee Library here at BYU. In this role, he is responsible for providing research training and assistance to researchers in the fields of mechanical engineering, civil engineering, manufacturing engineering, technology & engineering studies, and industrial design.

Prior to coming to BYU, David served in industry as a mechanical engineer and engineering leader. He has worked in product development and project management roles, and has led engineering programs for an oil and gas service company, NOV IntelliServ, as Vice President of Research & Development and Vice President of Engineering. Prior to leaving the oil and gas industry, he served as a senior engineering fellow with general responsibility for providing technical guidance and consultation pertaining to high bandwidth telemetry technologies.

David graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering and has more than 30 years of experience serving the energy and diamond manufacturing industries. He has spearheaded several collaborations with members of industry, government, and academia, which have led to the development of advanced drilling products ranging from downhole tools and services to technology enablers such as engineered polycrystalline diamond composites. David is an original co-inventor of the IntelliServ wired drill pipe technology and holds more than 30 patents in this and other technical areas.

David is a member of the American Society for Engineering Education, where he is a peer reviewer and a member of the scholarly communications committee. He serves the Utah Library Association as a vice-chair of the Copyright Education Roundtable, and is an active member of the Scholarly Communications committee at the Harold B. Lee Library.

David’s current research is focused on improving learning in a library environment, including the use of augmented reality for educational purposes, and a pedagogical method called Decision-based Learning.