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Graduation Flowchart

The department provides Graduation Plans (see Flow Charts below) to help you plan your course of study efficiently. These plans:

  • List graduation requirements, based on your year of admission.
  • Show how it is possible to complete all requirements in eight semesters (based on starting in a fall semester). Using BYU MyMAP/Plan Courses you should lay out a personal graduation plan based on your needs and preferences. You should continually update the plan so that you stay on track.


You should give some thought to your long-term career objectives in order to plan the most productive course of study. Open the links below to get information on different career paths for mechanical engineers.

  • Click here to see how coursework can prepare you to work in specific industries.
  • Mechanical engineers can function as technical experts, develop new products, work in research, become a college professor, and more! Click here to prepare for various career paths.
  • Upon admission to the Professional Program, you will be assigned a Faculty Advisor who can guide you to classes and experiences that will help you achieve your career goals.


When you are admitted to the Professional Program, use BYU MyMap/Plan Courses to lay out your plan to complete all graduation requirements in your desired time frame. Then use BYU MyMap/Student Progress to track your progress.

Sometimes, changes in the ME curriculum may complicate fulfilling original requirements, e.g., course number can change, or a required class may no longer be offered. The Mechanical Engineering Undergraduate Advisor ( can help you resolve such discrepancies.

You are subject to the B.S. graduation requirements based on the academic year in which you were admitted to the Professional Program.