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Donate to Mechanical Engineering

A key focus area for the department is to grow opportunities for enhanced student learning and development of critical engineering and leadership skills through experiential learning activities. These are experiences outside of the classroom where students have a chance to work as part of a team on a specific project that helps to integrate what they are learning into a practical hands-on experience. These experiences include various competition teams, undergraduate research, student clubs, Study Abroad and our Senior Capstone Design program.

As the number of students in the department continues to grow, providing high quality transformative experiential learning opportunities for all ME students will require significant additional resources and we ask for your help to make this possible.


Click the DONATE button at the top of the page to contribute to the providing more experiential learning opportunities for the growing number of students in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. These experiences include participation in competition teams, undergraduate research opportunities, participation in Study Abroad experiences, and other hands-on, outside-of-the-classroom experiences.


Each year, all ME seniors participate in more than 50 Capstone projects. A variety of generous donors have contributed specifically to support the Capstone program, leading to the creation of the Capstone Endowment Fund. The goal is to grow this endowment so that it can fund at multiple humanitarian Capstone projects each year.

To donate to the Capstone Endowment Fund, click the DONATE button at the top of the page and type ME Capstone Endowment Fund in the "Add Comment"' section.