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John Salmon

Associate Professor
Mechanical Engineering

360D EB
Provo, UT 84602


Office Hours:

Winter 2024
Tuesday : 2-3 PM
Thursday : 3-4 PM

Accessible by request.

Graduate Students

John Salmon currently works as an associate professor at BYU in the Mechanical Engineering department. He received his B.S. and M.S. degrees in Electrical Engineering at the University of Calgary and Utah State University respectively, and then received M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Aerospace Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology. As a Research Engineer at the Aerospace Systems Design Laboratory for four years he worked with a variety of industry partners and government agencies including Lockheed Martin, General Electric, FedEx, UTRC/Sikorsky, NASA, AFRL, ARL, and NAVAIR. His research interests include systems engineering, design, and integration, multi-disciplinary optimization, operations research, visual and data analytics, modeling and simulation, multi-agent multi-objective decision making, sports analytics, virtual reality, and uncertainty analysis.

Instagram: @good_idea_or_bad_idea @drjohnsalmon

Systems Engineering, Design, and Integration, Multi-disciplinary Design Optimization, Multi-agent Multi-objective Decision Making, Parametric Design Methodology Development, Virtual Reality, Data Analytics

Websites for an ongoing research project:


FB: Good Idea or Bad Idea

Dr. Salmon currently advises 4 graduate students:

Jonathan Sadler - MS

Carsten Christensen - MS

Landon Willey - MS

Ryan Day - MS

Landon Wright - MS (Graduated in August 2019)

Justin Roberts - MS (Graduated in June 2019)

Chris Thelin - MS (Graduated in August 2019)

Ariana Sellers - MS (Graduated in June 2018)

Keenan Eves - MS (Graduated in April 2018)

Alex La - MS (Graduated in December 2017)

Joshua Coburn - PhD (Graduated in August 2017)

Ian Freeman - MS (Graduated in June 2017)

Devin Shumway - MS (Graduated in April 2017)

Troy Seletos - MS (Graduated in April 2016)

ME 273 Introduction to Scientific Computing and Computer-Aided Engineering - Taught in the Fall Semester

ME 335 Dynamic System Modeling and Analysis - Taught in the Fall Semester

ME 578 CAD/CAM Applications - Taught in the Winter Semester

ME 579 Global Product Development - Taught in the Spring Semester Even Years

Courses Taught


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