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Brady Davies

Associate Teaching Professor
Mechanical Engineering

350Q EB - Brigham Young University
Provo, UT 84602


Brady Davies is an Associate Teaching Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Brigham Young University. Prior to returning to BYU, Brady worked at various engineering companies, from startups to Fortune 400 companies, including positions at various mechatronic and electronic design and manufacturing companies. He received the BS, MEM, and PhD degrees in Mechanical Engineering, all from BYU. With 5 active children and 7 even more active grandchildren, Brady’s free time revolves around sports, outdoor activities, and travel.

Office Hours
Spring/Summer 2024
11-12 MTWTh



Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah

PhD in Mechanical Engineering (1988)

PhD dissertation: “Statistical and Deterministic Models for Robot Inaccuracy Compensation Using Relative Feature Recognition”

Advisor: Dr. Ed Red

MEM (Master of Engineering Management – 2/3 MBA and 1/3 ME degree, 1984)

BS in Mechanical Engineering (1983)

Professional Experience

Brigham Young University, Provo UT, Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering Department, 2022 – present

Mercury Systems, Phoenix AZ, Vice-President Engineering, 2019 – 2022

L3Harris Technologies, Salt Lake City UT, Division Chief Engineer/Engineering Director/Senior Technical Fellow, 2007-2019

L3 Communications, Redmond WA, Vice-President and General Manager, 2005 – 2007

Microstaq, Bellingham WA, Vice-President Engineering and Operations, 2002 – 2005

Kavlico Corporation, Moorpak CA, Director of MEMS Technology, 2000 – 2002

Kistler Instrument Corporation, Amherst NY, Director of Engineering, 1998 – 2000

Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque NM, Principal Member of the Technical Staff, 1989 – 1998

Brigham Young University, Provo UT, Assistant Professor, College of Engineering, 1988 – 1989

Enhanced Robot Systems, Salt Lake City UT, Director of Engineering, 1987 – 1989

University of New Mexico/Western Washington University/Learning Tree International, Adjunct Professor, 1995 - 2005


(only those where I am listed as the principal author):

“Utilizing Robust Design and Design for Producibility for Development of Defense Products”, Proceedings of the NDIA 14th Annual Systems Engineering Conference, San Diego, CA, October 24-27, 2011.

Best Paper Award: “Utilizing Robust Design and Design for Producibility for Rapid Development of Defense Products (CSW)”, Proceedings of the 2011 L-3 Technology Exchange, Washington, DC, September 13-14, 2011.

Invited Presentation: “UAV Comms Workshop”, MAASEC Conference, March 29, 2010.

“MEMS Accelerometer Design Issues”, Proceedings of the 45th International Instrumentation Symposium, May 4-6, 1999.

"Applying Macro Design Tools to the Design of MEMS Accelerometers", Proceedings of the 44th International Instrumentation Symposium, May 3-7, 1998.

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"Remotely Accessing and Integrating Mechatronic Resources Over Networks Using Virtual Collaborative Environments (VCE) and the Distributed Collaborative Workbench (DCW)", Proceedings of the International Robots and Vision Automation Conference, May 8-11, 1995.

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"The Local Calibration Method for Robot Inaccuracy Compensation", Journal of Robotic Systems, December, 1990, Volume 7, Number 6.

"Inaccuracy Compensated Robot Automates Rocket Motor Gluing Operation", Robotics World, Nov.-Dec., 1988.

"Part Relative Inaccuracy Compensation Using Minimal Sensoring", proceedings of the ROBOTS 12 and VISION '88 Conference, June, 1988, Vol. 2.

"Part Relative Robot Inaccuracy Compensation Using Kinematic and Stochastic Modeling", Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Robotics and Factories of the Future, July, 1987.

"Interactive Robot Simulation in Difficult Workspace Environments", Proceedings of the 17th Annual Pittsburgh Conference on Simulation and Modeling, April, 1986.


Courses taught at Brigham Young University:

ME EN 231 Leadership in a Global Context

ME EN 362 Engineering Measurements

ME EN 437 Kinematics

ME EN 475/476 Capstone

Courses taught at University of New Mexico:

ME 306 Dynamics

ME 357 Introduction to Mechanical Vibrations

ME 416 Applied Dynamics (Kinematics)

ME 459 Mechanical Engineering Design

Courses taught at Western Washington University:

ENGR 225 Mechanics of Materials

Courses taught at Learning Tree International:

Introduction to Systems Engineering

Courses taught at L3Harris:

Design for Six Sigma

Courses taught at Sandia National Laboratories:

SAMPLE MEMS Short Course

Research Interests

MEMS, sensors, robotics, DFM

Teaching Interests

Design, mechanics, instrumentation, robotics, MEMS, sensors, manufacturing

Courses Taught