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Chris Brough: Alumni Spotlight

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When Chris Brough was getting his undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering at BYU, his goal for his career was simple: to make the world a better place. He loved the idea that through mechanical engineering he would be able to provide practical solutions to the world’s problems. While studying mechanical engineering, he developed a love for entrepreneurship. This motivated him to continue his education at BYU and get Master’s degrees in both mechanical engineering and business administration.

Out of college, he started his own business. Inspired by his desire to make the world a better place, he founded his company with the mission to improve the environment. They did this by making plastic pallets and other products out of recycled plastics. After many successful years, the company was acquired by IntegriCo Composites. Along with the company, Chris and his family moved to Texas.

Under this new management, Chris and the team developed and manufactured plastic railroad ties. Unfortunately, this company failed after a few years in business and was taken over by a new investment group. Chris lost his entire investment. Despite this setback, Chris shares that this was a formative experience in his life. Even though his company failed, Chris showed resilience and excitement when he formed another startup in 2007.

Instead of working with recycled plastics, the mission of this next venture was to make the world a better place through developing pharmaceutical drugs. These medicines help those with serious diseases such as prostate cancer. Chris explained that he never would have imagined working with pharmaceutical products for his career, but because he was open to new opportunities, he is making a difference in the healthcare industry. He is currently the CTO (Chief Technology Officer), of AustinPx, where he enjoys splitting his time between business tasks and engineering. Over the course of his career, Chris has been issued over 10 patents on his machines and products.

When he was a student at BYU, Chris didn’t know exactly what he wanted to do, and he definitely could not have imagined being where he is now. He feels that his secrets to success have been his ability to jump at new opportunities and not be afraid of failure. As well as turning his failures into success by learning from his setbacks. When asked what his advice would be for mechanical engineering students, Chris said, “Don’t be afraid to take chances and jump at opportunities that come your way.”

Chris also shared what a blessing his spirituality has been for his work. Many times, he said, he felt the promptings of the Holy Ghost help him with his career. He humbly shared that his career success is not the result of his abilities alone, but that he has been blessed with divine help and incredible partners.

Chris and his family have lived in Texas for over 18 years and have enjoyed living in the faithful community in which they find themselves. They have enjoyed the opportunity to meet people of other religious faiths and to share with them a love of Jesus Christ.