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Capstone Fair 2022

For the first time since 2020, the BYU Capstone program held its annual Design Fair in person. In the Brigham Young University WSC Ballroom on March 31, 50 different Capstone teams presented the design work and prototypes that they have been working on since Fall semester.

In its 32 years of existence, students in the Capstone program have completed 968 projects. Presentations at the event included everything from a mechanism for improving rocket altitude control to a Computer Vision Pickleball Scorekeeper.

Other Projects included security systems, a Curved Image Acquisition System for MRI machines, and an Earthquake Safe Wastewater Feedwell, among others. Each project was sponsored by a company to fill a need or solve a problem and ultimately “make the world a better place.”

After students received their team assignments at the beginning of Fall semester, they’ve spent the past 10 months identifying market requirements, designing, building and testing the prototype or product.

The fair was a valuable opportunity to show off their results to the hundreds of attendees, which included members of the public, project sponsors, mentors and other students. Juniors in their respective engineering programs were able to see these projects at the event to get inspired and excited for their participation in Capstone the next year.

Many unique opportunities come from Capstone projects, including internships, job offers and relationships with sponsoring companies. It’s a valuable resume builder.

Visit the Capstone website to learn more about the projects and the program.