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Student Development


  • Influential engineers have integrity and strong desires to serve their community and their profession. They do the right thing, even when no one is watching or when others oppose it. Their influence is derived from strong moral principles and mutual respect. Their sphere of influence expands as others recognize and trust their character.

  • Influential engineers are resilient and learn from their failures. They persevere in pursuit of long-term goals. They embrace challenge and recognize effort is the path to mastery.

  • Influential engineers are innovative experts in their field. They solve significant, real-world problems by building models based on basic concepts and fundamental laws. They use state-of-the-art engineering practices and technologies to solve their models and obtain results.

  • Influential engineers communicate results and conclusions clearly and concisely. They persuasively present recommendations that prevent and solve problems. They are collaborative and always civil, particularly when others have differing viewpoints.

  • Influential engineers lead in ethical behavior regardless of their position. They focus more on the greater good than on personal achievement. They make tough decisions when necessary. They inspire with genuine praise, correct with kindness when necessary and generously recognize the contributions and accomplishments of colleagues.

  • Influential engineers consistently develop new skills and use their abilities and resources to enhance the lives of others.