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Student Societies & Clubs

The societies and clubs listed below are of special interest to Mechanical Engineering majors. If you are interested in competitions, visit ME Competition Teams & Clubs. For a list of additional clubs and societies related to engineering, visit the College of Engineering & Technology Student Organizations website.

Involvement in societies and clubs give students opportunities for leadership, networking, and skill development through hands-on learning. Most societies are affiliates of national organizations and some regularly sponsor participation in regional and national conferences and events.

All groups below, except Tau Beta Pi, are open to any interested student. Tau Beta Pi membership is by invitation only.

American Nuclear Society


Advisor – Matthew Memmott (CH EN)

President - Alex Wright

BYU Chapter Facebook Page

The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics


Advisor - Andrew Ning

President - Jon Rice

AIAA National Website

BYU AIAA Website

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers


Advisor - Steven Charles

President - Cole Childs

BYU Chapter WebsiteASME National Website

The Biomedical Engineering Society


Advisor - Lon Cook

President - Parker King

BMES National Website

Global Engineering Outreach


Advisor - Randy Lewis (CH EN)

President - Diana Bolanos

BYU GEO Website
Mechatronics Club

Advisor - Mark Colton

President - Joshua Canlas

BYU Club website

Mechatronics Club Facebook

The Society for the Advancement of Materials and Process Engineering


Advisor - Andy George

President - Clint Frandsen

BYU Chapter WebsiteSAMPE International Website

The Society of Automotive Engineers


Advisor - Dale Tree

President - Sterling Dahl

Team Leader - Jens Jacobson

BYU Chapter WebsiteSAE International Website

The Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers


Advisor - Brian Mazzeo (EC EN)

President - Diana Bolanos

SHPE Website

The Society of Women Engineers


Advisor - Julie Crockett

President - Cassie Sweeten

BYU Chapter WebsiteSWE National Website
Tau Beta Pi Advisor - Dean Wheeler President - Takami Kowalski Contact Tau Beta Pi
TBP National Website
BYU Rocketry Club RC

Advisor – Andrew Ning

President - Mark Johnson

BYU Rocketry Club Website
BYU Aeronautics

Advisor – Andrew Ning

President - Justin Spencer

BYU Aeronautics
Drone Racing Team Advisor: Tim McLain
Drone Racing Club Website
Spacecraft Club Advisor: David Long
Spacecraft club website