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Graduate Seminar Oct. 11th, 2021: Eric Dodgen

"Extreme Rocket Science; Stewarding the Nuclear Stockpile"

The last place you want a failure is on a rocket or payload after it has launched. Design and Development often has manufacturability and survivability as customer requirements. At Honeywell Federal Manufacturing and Technologies our customers are the designers. The products produced here are required to function properly in the most extreme environments. To help make this possible I have used simulations to predict performance and fix design flaws. We have adopted a ‘simulation first’ mentality and we use ‘virtual builds’ to help inform the design.


  • Graduated From BYU-I 2009
    • Bachelors Mechanical Engineering
  • Graduated from BYU 2011
    • `Masters Mechanical Engineering
  • W.L. Gore and Associates
    • Medical Device Simulation
  • Nexus Spine
    • Medical Devices Design and Simulation
  • Honeywell FM&T
    • Aerospace Simulations