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Graduate Seminar Nov. 15th, 2021: Chuck Monson

Dynamic Testing of Amusement Rides and Vehicle Crashes

Testing is an integral part of maintaining and ensuring the safe operation of dynamic systems. At GMH Engineering we have focused on testing difficult to instrument mechanical systems in highly dynamic environments. I will give an overview of some of these projects including car and train crash tests and amusement rides.

Chuck Monson received his BS and PhD degrees in Mechanical Engineering from Brigham Young University. While in grad school, he and two fellow students founded GMH Engineering and he continues to be an owner/engineer there 30+ years later. GMH Engineering focuses on instrumentation, data acquisition, testing, and data analysis. We manufacture and sell a data acquisition system for rugged environments, microwave Doppler and 5th wheel speed sensors and test accessories. We have acquired and analyzed data for several car and rail vehicle crash tests and have performed thousands of amusement ride tests. Dr. Monson’s professional service has included active membership in ASTM for over 20 years developing and maintaining standards for amusement ride design and testing.