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Graduate Seminar Dec. 6th, 2021: Gus German

Living the Dream

A BYU Engineering graduate degree is a great foundation for "Living the Dream". In the twenty years since I graduated from BYU with a Master's degree in EE, God’s plan for my life has been more surprising and wonderful than my imagination. There have been incredible people who have inspired me and helped me learn life lessons. When to walk away from a dream job. Should you pick a career for the money? Why you should never say never. What disappointments are you most grateful for? How to get hired while picking ice cream at the grocery store. Making work meaningful. Should your work define you? Wise and foolish sacrifices for work. How to power a radio transmitter on a cow's ear. What things do I wish I had known at graduation? How is a life mission different from a career? What work do we do that is eternal? With God's help, you can live a dream that brings joy and satisfaction and contributes meaningfully to others.

Gus German was raised in Wilmington, Delaware, the oldest of 7 children, and graduated with a Master's degree in Electrical Engineering from BYU in 2004. He has worked in the areas of atomic clocks, navigation systems, RFID geolocation, and synthetic aperture radar. Gus served as a full-time missionary in the Korea Seoul mission. His favorite church assignments include Scoutmaster, Youth Quorum Advisor, Manti Utah Temple ordinance worker, and Primary Pianist. Gus enjoys family history, reading, and coaching youth sports. He and his sweetheart, Tammy, recently celebrated their 21st wedding anniversary. They are the parents of 3 children. A best and worst recent experience include the first time rock climbing on a via ferrata and being spined by a stingray in the Gulf of Mexico.